Big Ang Raiola dies

Big Ang Raiola dies

Angela Raiola, nicknamed “Big Ang” and was born on June 30, 1960. “Mob Wives” was an American reality television series featuring Angela Raiola.

Personal life/arrest for drugs:

“Big Angwas a drug dealer and convicted in 2001. She provided cocaine and sold it on the streets and in the bar she worked. She was married to Neil Murphy who was also featured in “Mob Wives”.

Big Ang also starred in other TV series and films, such as Dr.Oz, Miami Monkey, Scream 5.

Big Ang was obsessed with cosmetic surgeries including tummy tucks, lipo and enhancement of her lips, and was planning to have a face-lift.

Mob Wives:

While participating in the reality series “Big Ang”, she was cast in another very popular reality series called “Mob Wives” which premiered in VH1 in 2011. “Mob Wives” ran for six seasons.

“Mob Wives” is about her family members arrested and sent to jail for crimes connected with the mafia. It is believed to be based on a true story but, on the other hand, it is also rumoured to be fake just to increase the popularity of the soaps.

Reviews and Critics:

Due to her witty, confident style and mothering personality, the viewers and critics appreciated and complimented her performance and she had a huge fan base. Initially there was opposition to cast her in the series due to her age.


In the past, Big Ang has been a host of breast cancer charity fund-raising events. Big Ang was diagnosed with throat cancer in March/April 2015 and underwent two surgeries to remove a tumour. She thought she was cancer-free but it spread to her lungs and brain. Big Ang died on February 18, 2016.

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